Brain Friendly Services

Brain Friendly Services

Helen provides a number of brain-friendly HR services. These include:


Understanding your Brain

Problem solving and Decision Making

Emotional Regulations

Facilitating Change

Collaborating Effectively

Change Leadership

Public Speaking

Conflict Management

-HR Services-

Transformational Change Support

Organizational Design


Change Leadership/Management

Leadership Development Consultation


Team Building

Career Development

Individual & Group Coaching





What people are saying.

Ylanos Sansone
Ylanos Sansone Workshop attendee & mentee
Whether speaking for a large group or simply coaching you one-on-one, Helen has a warm, yet powerful presence that is sure to capture your attention and deeply resonate with you. As a natural leader with a unique background, she is brimming with innovative ideas and is a breath of fresh air to work with. Through a unique blend of empathy, authority, creativity, and structure, Helen is sure to help you achieve results, whatever your goals may be.

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